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Cam Show Thursday

Hi honeys!! It’s a perfect day today, well so far anyway. I’ve been running around doing errands. One of which was getting my oil changed in my car. Can I even tell you how impressed I was with this WHOLE experience!! First I guess you should know that my last car, which was a BMW, had the rudest people working at their dealership. So I guess I just got used to shitty service. Anyone from the service manager, cashier, even the people who detailed your car were always just rude as hell. So I decided to get rid of the beam about 3,000 miles ago…lol. And got myself a Lexus SUV instead. I love it, and it’s been a great car for me. Well today was the first time that I had to get the oil changed. I was so shocked at how the whole process went down.

Everyone first of all was so friendly when I walked in. They all said hello, and were smiling. The first woman I spoke with was super sweet and just took care of everything. She let me know there were refreshments as well as computers for me to use while I was waiting for my car to get done. I was like whoa! Really, first of all, I couldn’t believe how much time she was taking explaining to me all of this stuff. I’m telling you it was ridiculous trying to talk to the people at the last dealership. I just got used to not even trying, I new what to expect when I got there. But the Lexus dealership was like heaven….lol. When I went to go check out they were nice also. I was so impressed. This alone would make me keep buying a Lexus over and over again. I am real big on customer service. If the service somewhere is shitty, I get so annoyed. I am a very loyal person, and will be with you forever as long as you don’t fuck me over or treat
me badly. I am like this a lot in my personal life as well as my business life. Even when I shop places with many stores/companies I become a loyal customer. I expect to be treated like one. Ya know! So anyway, I just wanted to share that with you! If you ever thought about getting a Bmw or a Lexus definitely go with the Lexi!! The people who work there are what tips the scale!!

So you all are going to join me for my LIVE cam show tonight right?? If you didn’t know about it now you do. You should get on it starts at 7 pm PDT. You’ve got to join my site it’s only $7.95 to watch in on my fun. I will be getting so nasty you won’t want to miss it! Do you have any requests for what you would like to see me dressed in? Or what you would like to see me do Leave me your thoughts maybe I will pick one of them and wear it or do it!! I’m so excited to do this, I’m getting horny just thinking about it!! I like that I am doing it for my own site too! Its my show bitches!! Lol I decided to do it because of the great response I got from doing the other cam shows on the other websites. Have any of you ever seen me do them before? What did you think?? I know I am a super freak! But I can’t help it. It is how I like it! So come watch me do what I do best, CUMMZ!! And I promise you will not be

I’ve got to start setting up for this soon. Getting stuff together and organized. It is so crazy to me how many people are running around with video camera’s lately. I think it is so great how we can capture so many aspects of life now even just with our cell phones. Oh it makes me think of yesterday. I saw these guys jump out of a car (a really really old car) in front of my house. They all had video cameras and were filming. One guy started to fuck with my neighbors cat. This cat is sweet but if you mess with him, he will bite the shit out of you and hiss. I told this kid that I wouldn’t mess with that cat if I were him. I am speaking from experience I had to go get a tetanus shot from him. Lil fucker…lol. But we are cool now. I get him and he gets me. So I was trying to warn these guys about what they were about to get themselves into. I felt like they were filming for a gang initiation or something it was so weird. After I
told them not to fuck with the cat, one of the guys started telling me how hot I was. He said it a couple of times and them just ran back to his car and took off. The whole thing was so random and weird. Even a little creepy. I felt like there was about to be a kitty kidnapping on our hands. Lol. Don’t even laugh, I would die if someone did something like this to my dogs. But seriously though, I have the craziest things happen around me I swear. Lol. I can only laugh about it! I’m just glad that they didn’t hurt the cat. ;-)

Well babies my pussy is calling your name!! Cum see me, and it will be the best part of your day. What have you done to make yourself feel good today? If your answer is nothing than this sounds like the perfect solution. This is the very first LIVE Web Cam Show on www.CourtneyCummz.comso you will not want to miss it! Tell you’re friends to cum watch me too, the more the hornier!!! Gotta go for now, but I am really looking forward to seeing you all tonight!


Playboy Radio

Hey my sexy sweethearts. I hope you’re all having a fabulous day! I know I am. I hope you all tune into Playboy Radio today at 4pm. I will be with Christy Canyon so you should definitely cum and check it out!! Did you all have a good time yesterday during the cam show? I know I did. If you haven’t joined me yet for a live cam show you definitely should. Other wise you are missing out on lots of fun and cum!! Yesterday I was on for 2 hours. It felt so good to bang myself with that sweet potato, He! He! There’s something about having something cold up inside of me that feels so amazing!! I had a lot of fun with it. I hope my singing on the wii was entertaining for you all…lol. I love that American Idol game, I am hooked. And you know anything Karaoke is for me…lol. The judges were totally dissing me haha but I don’t care. I had fun doing it. Q & A with you all is awesome. Nothing is off limits. You never know what we will end up talking about.

So that guy was a total asshole so I had to pull his membership. Fuck him! All of you that were in there, know who I am talking about. I wanted to apologize to any of you who were harassed by him. I will not tolerate that kind of talk in my chat room. I love the fact that all of the people in the room are so cool with each other, that’s part of what makes it so much fun. I love that we can all chill and chat and just have a good time. To any of you who don’t know yet, THAT’S WHAT I’M ALL ABOUT. HAVING A GOOD TIME. I don’t like to deal with drama, and people who are hatin’. My life is to good for that. Talking shit is one thing, but talking racist shit is a whole other story. I thought by now people would realize that I am fucking color blind. I love everyone for who they are. Well I try to love everyone some are harder than others. But I can’t help if other people are assholes, I just choose not to chill and communicate with people like that. And I definitely won’t have them in my room. While it was happening I tried to just switch to talking to Spanish to try to ignore him, but that just seemed to piss him off more and act more ignorant. I really wanted to hit the shit out of HIM with my clothes hanger

I really just don’t understand people and their racism. I’m not even sure if these people understand how ignorant they really are. It is something I will never tolerate. I have so many people in my life of different races that it just doesn’t even make any sense to me. I feel like people just don’t know any better. They are basically trained monkeys and the same ignorance that they have was probably given to them by their parents. It seems to be a vicious cycle. People won’t always get along, but in my opinion it should have nothing to do with the color of your skin. And on a deeper level, it really doesn’t. There are certain things that people do that make you not like them. It really isn’t because you were born with tan, black, white, or olive skin. It is ultimately what the color of the skin represents to them. So why not just call people out on how they are acting or what they are doing. Why call them out on their race? Is that really all you’ve got? All you’ve got is the most obvious thing there. It’s funny when people say that kind of stuff. “Fuck you white bitch” really, that’s all you’ve got….lol. It’s like tell me something I don’t know..haha!

It was very different coming to LA. There is a lot of segrigation here compared to Florida, where I came from. It was In certain areas races still do stick together. I know it is probably like that everywhere, but I think that shit is silly too. I know some will and won’t agree with me but this is totally my opinion. We are all brothers and sisters and I truly believe that one day the majority of people will see it like that. Not by color of the skin. People are getting more and more mixed that one day race won’t really matter. I mean it will be good to know if you’d like to celebrate your heritage, but for no other purpose do I think it matters. What is even the purpose of asking what race you are while filling out paper work. I understand the doctor’s office obviously, but I don’t see how in many other areas it would really matter. Do you?

This has always been a subject that totally irks me. So that is why I go off on it. I just know that I would never want someone to hurt anyone that I care about. I will stand up for my friends whenever it is necessary. My friends stand up for me, and I will always stand up for them. This totally reminds me when one of my girls got into a brawl with this chick because of me at a bar. She straight up started draggin this girl into the street to start kicking her ass. It was great. This girl tried to get into a conversation that I had been having with an old friend of mine. And it just turned into a whole mess. It was great though. Oh did I mention that this girl was on the clock. Nice customer service right, hitting the customers. She totally threw the first punch while she was serving cocktails. Hilarious. My girl took it easy on her and let her ass go. I will never forget that, it was so funny. Crazy days, stupid people. What are you going to do.

So babies, bottom line, I love doing my cam shows, and I love all of you awesome people that cum and have fun with me on them. So lets just keep on doing them and say fuck you to the haters…haha!


Interracial Orgy

Hey Hey babies, it’s been quite a day! I got up at the ASS crack of dawn today! You know I love my sleep. I got to the set today at 8 a.m. to start shooting my orgy. It was so much Cumming fun!! Lol. I worked with some sexy ass girls too, they were so hot. My make-up artist was cute too; I would close my eyes and imagine myself doing some dirty things to that girl. She wouldn’t even know what to do. Wink! Anyways, I fucked some awesome guys today too. Double stuffed Oreo anyone? I love some big black cock!!! The only thing wrong with doing the orgy scenes is how freaking long they take. I get exhausted just sitting there waiting around. I love that you guys can keep me occupied on Twitter. I have so much fun with you all. I love that we can talk sex, sports, girls, guys, or music. You guys are down for anything and I love it! If you want to start chatting with me than follow me on twitter. Don’t be shy babies I don’t bite hard!

I’m so excited to introduce you guys to our first Feature girl on Friday. I think you are going to love it! Porn girls, if any of you would like to be featured on my site than hit me up on twitter and we can talk and set up an interview. The more the merrier ;-) I want to make sure you all are getting the most out of my website so please drop me your comments and let me know what you like and want to see more of. What is your favorite genre of porn? Do you like fetish, orgy, race oriented? What turns you on the most? Your opinion counts so leave it below before I spank you! ;-) What am I thinking you would probably enjoy that too much!! Hehe!

Babies what do you think about women with rock hard bodies? Does a women who is completely toned and ripped turn you on? Or would you prefer a girl with a little more cushion? I love to be in shape, but I don’t really think that I want to be ripped. You know what I’m saying. There is even a line you have to draw with men when they become too buff. It becomes not so hot! I am still working on getting off my 6 pounds.

I am so excited for tomorrow. I have an interview with Alison Rosen. She is super sweet and so funny. I can’t wait; it should be a good time. Have any of you ever seen her or read any of her work? She has written so many articles, that I’m sure you have! And if not you should check her out! I am having another web cam show Wednesday morning at 10:30 a.m. PDT. The first half of the hour will be my masturbation scene. And the other half will be of the interview. It is going to be a lot of fun so you guys won’t want to miss it. A membership for my site is only $7.95. So cum and see me live, and join us for HUMP MY ASS WEDNESDAY. It will be the best hump day of the month!!

You know all of the fucking that I do at work makes me think about how much fucking you all do at work. Do you get much action at your jobby job? Have any of you ever had sex at your office or work place? Were you fucking your mate or someone you worked with? I think it is a lot of fun fucking someone that you work with, but only when there is no drama attached. Sometimes it can back fire when things don’t work out and you still have to work together. But in the heat of the moment it can be so fun and naughty. It is always nice too when your boo comes to visit you at work and you two are able to sneak away and have a quickie somewhere. Those are the kind of things that make relationships so much fun! You start caring more about how you look, and what you wear, when you go in than you did before. Well at least us girls do. Lol. Workplace sex is such a thriller. You’ve got to try it at least once in your life! ;-)

Start planning your weekend now! I will be dancing this weekend at the Spearmint Rhino in Rialto, CA. So bring your sexy asses out there and cum say hi!! I’m excited to go dance. I love to get up there and shake my groove thang for you guys, but I love it the most when there are familiar faces in the crowd. So grab your friends and come visit your favorite dirty girl. I promise to bring the nastiness!

Well babies, I’m going to get running. I have a lot of stuff to get done. Did I mention that I am doing a photo shoot with horses tomorrow? I can’t wait. It will be like a flashback to when I was little and had my first orgasm. I hope I have a little déjà vu while I’m riding it! Lol. Regardless I will have a lot of fun with him or her. I am such an animal lover! And since I have been riding them since I was little, there is a special soft spot for the horsies. So I will keep you posted and let you know how it goes. I hope your checking out all of the hot new content on my website. I have been working a lot on it; so let me know what you think.

Love to love you babies!



Hey my little sex kittens. Its Sunday funday bitches, how are you spending it??? I have been having so much fun this weekend. I know I have told you about the feature Friday blog I am going to do. I have a list of girls that I’m going to interview. I’ve already spoken with Roxy Reynolds, Bobbi Star, Joanna Angel, Puma Swede, Mya Nichole, Lexi Luv, and Tabitha Stevens. I fucking love those girls. I asked them all kinds of questions it was fun to hear their responses. Since I wasn’t able to do them in person, I decided to film myself while I was asking them the questions over the phone. These girls are so hot that I started getting pretty into it. I was getting really turned on and started to rub and play with my pussy. I was so wet. Who knew an interview could be so much fun. Barbara Walters is missing out….lol. I got some good angles on the cameras…lol. Tell me what you think. Make sure you check it out. You’re going to love it. Also leave me your comments as to who you would like to see me interview. I will take requests to make sure you guys are getting what you want from me. I know I’m enough, but like I always say “Two much of one thing isn’t good for you” So make sure to give all of my ladies lots of love when they are featured.

My weekend has been pretty fabulous. I went to the beach yesterday. I was such a bad girl…lol. Omg and you know who has been a bad boy? Reggie Miller! Did any of you hear about the banner that was being pulled by a plane yesterday talking shit on him in Malibu? It said “Reggie Miller stop pursuing married women” I was actually at the beach in Malibu and saw it. I was thinking awe shit he got busted….lol. I would love to know who did that? It was the funniest thing ever. I heard that he has a house on the beach in Malibu, I wonder if he saw it first hand? Can you imagine how many people were calling him about it. He must have really pissed someone off. I was laughing my ass off.

I love love love the beach, it was such a beautiful day. I played in the sand a little bit and soaked up the sun. The water felt so good in my toesies so I played in it for a bit too. Then I went into my car to play with myself. Lol. It was so hot. I taped it because I thought you might want to watch, Wink! Wink! I am going to be uploading all of the footage to so make sure you stop by there and check it out.
How nice would it be for me though to be able to just masterbate on the beach. Which do you think is more “Socially acceptable” Getting caught having sex with someone on a beach in public? Or getting caught masturbating on the beach all by your self? Because there are a lot of people who go to the beach and bang on the sand. I definitely have. I know more people who have fucked on the beach rather than masterbate on the beach. It seems different, but it is a really nice experience.

It is absolutely insane how many helicopters are always flying around my neighborhood. I wonder what the hell they are always doing. While we are making dinner it is usually guaranteed that we will hear some. I’m waiting for one to make an emergency landing on my roof. I swear that would happen to me…haha!! What are you all having for dinner? I need to go to the market soon and start to think about it. Do you guys like to see a girl in the kitchen cooking for her man. I should take off my clothes and just cook for you guys in my apron. Would you like to see me cooking for you like that? Or would you like to see me in the maid’s outfit? Either way, I promise you’d like my cooking. I am quiet the chef.

I’ve got to start editing together the video from the car scene at the beach. I am also getting tired. My eyelids are getting really heavy while I’m writing thins. Snap out of it CC. I Need COFFEE. Have you been following me on twitter? Here’s my page . If you were on there I’d love to get to know you! Go check out the couple of pictures that I posted on there.

Well babies, go out there and make this Sunday a funday. Thank God for Sundays also, because it is like relax mode. It is like national chill the fuck out and relax day! Not that I really ever stop working, I am always doing at least something and that’s the way I like it. Oh I will also be having another web cam show this week. Bring your dirty minds to me and lets have some fun together. I get real interactive so it is the best live show on the net. Cum one Cum all, Good times!!

Must go babies, maybe I will nap. Need sleepy!!


Hey babies, what’s going on? It is a beautiful day in my hood!! Damn last night was crazy. One of my boys was over and had asked me to go outside with him. I was like in a minute I will be out there, I’m going to go to the bathroom and freshen up I came out like 2 minutes later and he was telling me I had to come out there quick, and that these two guys were running down the street. It was kind of hilarious. This guy was booking it down the street without his shirt on, while the other one was chasing him and threatening to kill him. Initially we thought they were out stealing or something. Until we heard them yelling at each other. The one being chased asked my boy to help him out, but my boy was like “nah man, I can’t get into this shit with you.” I don’t blame him; we didn’t even know these guys. I personally think that the guy doing the chasing had just caught the other guy banging his wife. Ya know what I mean…lol. He probably walked in while she was sucking his dick or something. Oh I would be irate too. You never know I might chase my man down the road if I caught him doing some shit like that too!! Lol.. It got crazy though, the cops were here, there were ghetto birds flying around for hours. It was madness.

So one of my dear friends called me today, and told me that he got laid off again. Awe, I feel so bad for him. This is the second time he has had a company close it’s doors on him and leave him with out a job and with no notice. I am going to say a big prayer tonight for all of the unemployed out there right now. So many people are having such a hard time finding work. Some may be reading this right now. Stay hopeful ya’ll!!! But please do me this favor. When you go out job hunting, go with the mindset that you WILL find a job! Not that you won’t. Why would you if YOU don’t even think you will. I know that the economy is in a bad place and I know it is hard for some people to stay positive. But I also know if your mind isn’t right before going in to something, it doesn’t always have the best outcome. So if you expect it to get better it will. If you expect it to get worse, it will do that too! Which do you prefer? You know what you can do that is inexpensive and a really good time? Join me for my next live show. It will be the best $7.95 you ever spent. It cost less to come bust a nut with me than it does to order a value meal at a fast food restaurant.

I am actually doing one tonight, and I am really pumped about it. It’s going to be super nasty so you should really cum join me. They have all been a blast. If you haven’t joined my site yet than you are missing the best live cam shows on the net. My favorite part of it though is the interaction with you all. I love to chat with you before we get started. It gets me so horny. That’s why I love twitter too. Some of you even get me wet just with our little messages back and forth on twitter. I love it and have so much fun on there with you guys. Seriously it is hard for me to have a bad day with all of the love and support you all give me. A big smooch to you all!! To follow me their go to I am getting horny just talking about getting horny…lol. Does that ever happen to you? I can’t wait to taste this big cock tonight. It is going to feel so good when it is rock hard and going in my ass!

Even if you’re not a member of my site I want to know you. While you are here say hi! Introduce yourself, I don’t bite! Well hard anyway…Wink! Wink! So I’ve got 2 questions for you guys. Where is the craziest most wild place you have ever fucked someone? Did anyone catch you? Do you find excitement by doing it in “off limits” areas? Or are you more of a private person and like to be behind closed doors? I was also thinking of you guys one night and I was thinking if you could spend one day with me, what would we do? Don’t be shy, and don’t be bashful I want to know what is going on in those dirty little minds of yours. I Love it!! And I will look forward to reading them over the weekend.

What are your plans for the weekend. I will be getting lots of sun, fun, and cum. I hope you do too!! The weather outside today is just right. I love it. I should take my bootie out running with my doggies. I love that now that I got my titties I won’t lose them when I lose weight. Ladies you feel me? It is great to drop some pounds, but when your titties get smaller too, it’s sucks. Another reason implants are AWESOME. Well sexies I have got to start getting set up for this show. I really hope to see you there. I hope your all enjoying your fabulous Friday.

Kisses, xoxo


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