This script is from a naughty fan on my streamate account. Lmk if you likey :)

Courtney worked in huge city that had alot modern high rise offices buildings. She work in one those rise building in small offices cubicle. Until her boss called her in work in her office she going be gone for few days need Courtney do work for her well she gone. Courtney very happy to do so her boss had a big corner office with nice view city through two huge tent windows could look out see very thing well from 20 th floor down side walk below where people look like small ants below. Beside her boss had huge desk with nice big leather office chair and nice office door that she could close off rest world to. One night working hard for company Courtney got very bore found self falling sleep at her boss desk after all she off clock was on company time she there get some her own work caught up she had door boss office closed. Courtney rest her head down on desk take little nape she start fantasy her boyfriend Patrick was with her in office that he been hold her in between his arms on strong body buy two windows with well lite city was in back round with all high rise office building lite glowing back round dark night as kiss passionately. He undress her slowly in middle her boss office as was kissing her she enjoy feeling hand fingers remove her cloths as she did same to him. When he remove all her cloths Courtney jump nake on his body in his arms he care her top boss desk kissing her passionately all way top her boss desk. He lean my naked body all way down on top my boss desk his naked body between my legs lean down over top me desk kiss lips mouth slide tongue round in out my mouth as kiss. I than felt warm mouth on my tits as lay back on my boss desk watch him lick lick lick slow circles back forth over top my nipples. Felt warm lips sucking back forth hard round my nipples sucked them in out his mouth. Than watch handsome face slide in between my sexy legs . I look down between my legs watch face slide up down over middle my wet pussy I felt warm tip his tongue licking licking between wet lips my pussy lay back on my boss desk. He makes me so wet as tongue licks licks deeper between pussy lips explore between them for my sweet spot which find licks over it my delight. I moan so loud Id pleasure whole city below could hear me cum on warm mouth as licks suck nibble on my clit with can take no more when off my boss desk have sit on my desk front me. I seat in my boss big leather chair face who seating front me with legs hang off my boss desk . I reach between his legs feel hard big fat dick in my warm hands stroke for him lean over kiss my face in my boss chair. I lean between his legs slow wrap lips mouth round hard head his cock suck slowly in my warm mouth well he watch. My warm lips slide up down over Patrick hard cock give best high rise blow job ever gone get hard he can be fuck me in my boss high rise office. After blow my guys cock hard as he ever been he lay me out on top my boss desk in missionary position my body under his as between my legs stretch pussy all way open hard cock slide long deep in my pussy 20 floors above ground on top my boss desk above ground in lights of city. He pumps pump pump throbbing dick deeper deeper deeper faster faster faster my pussy until feel my tight pussy explode all over cock as makes cum on top my boss desk. Than he seats in my boss leather chair I climb on his lap face way from him as stick big hard dick in my pussy feel good as hold leather arms leather chair ride up down throbbing hard cock. Buy windows I can see city below me as bounce hard hard hard on his cock throbbing hard hard up down in my pussy buy my clitty tingle out control rubs in his hard cock slide buy it. I make self cum hard all over top his cock my boss leather chair as fingers rub up down my tingle wet clit as riding my self off on hard cock. Lean me on one thick strong tent glass window bent over my sexy tits press in cold glass his body behind my mine hands grabbing my hips his hard cock stretching my pussy open doggy style. Look through window below see lite cars drive below as feel hard cock glide all way in pussy from behind. I watch big jet fly over high rise office building with landing light on come in for landing as make me cum on boss window 20 floor above ground. I am on me knees in my boss office below his cock as stroke off until shoot warm jizz all over my face tits. That when get call in my boss office wake me up goes straight her voice me. Time go home see Patrick have rip off all my close for real do this me.










Mothers Day pic


Media Contact:
Alexander Raymond

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COURTNEY CUMMZ is in High Gear for a New Year!

Cummz directs a new movie, makes a signing appearance in Vista and blogs for!

For Immediate Release: January 20, 2010

(Hollywood, CA) Coming off an exciting Adult Entertainment Expo experience, prolific adult actress and director Courtney Cummz ( is already vying for the title of the hardest working girl in porn. Cummz began her week directing a scene for her newest DVD line for Diabolic. The first scene shot featured the always anal-tastic Phoenix Marie expertly directed by Courtney. The movie is also set to be one of Courtney’s most hardcore directorial ventures to date. The busty beauty is not only lensing the movie but also starring in it, guarantying it will be packed with the intensity and energetic sex Cummz is known for.

“I love directing,” said Courtney. “I love encouraging performers to get into the moment and unleash their sexual energy. I’m always specific about my cast; I pick talent who I know will give their best. And I have no problem leading by example; I always bring my ‘A’-game.”

A release date for the Diabolic DVD will be forthcoming.

Courtney continues her week with a stop near San Diego where she will be making a special one night appearance at the Deja Vu Love Boutique adult store. Fans can meet the sexy star of such thrilling hit XXX DVDs like Zero Tolerance’s Pussy Cats 4 and Interracial Madness. The event will take place from 6pm-10pm and Cummz will be signing autographs, posing for pictures and even tweeting from the gig. For more information on Courtney’s appearance please visit the Déjà vu website or call the store: (760) 598-5889

January 21st, 2010
Courtney Cummz Appearing at Deja Vu Love Boutique
2130 Industrial Ct
Vista, CA 92084

With all the projects Courtney is working on, there is a lot of behind the scenes excitement in the life of this pornstar. To give fans a glimpse of what goes on in her daily life away from the camera, Cummz has taken to revealing all on popular adult entertainment blog, Beginning this week, fans who read Genesis Online will be treated to Courtney’s point of view ranging from her off camera antics to going back to school. “I’m anxious to get started! I have made a point to keep my fans in tune with what I am doing, beyond the performing aspect. From Myspace to Twitter to my own blogs, I have always been frank about my life. Genesis Online will allow me the opportunity to expand on that and invite more readers to see what I am about,” said Cummz. Courtney’s posts on are live now.

A busy week work for Courtney Cummz has begun! Directing another movie, making an appearance at Déjà vu Love Botique and blogging it all! Courtney has started 2010 in high gear!

To book Courtney Cummz
Lisa Ann’s Talent Management

To interview Courtney Cummz for your website or publication,

please contact Alexander (Monstar) Raymond

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The Star Factory
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New fan signs

photo86photo87photo88photo89photo90photo91photo92photo93photo94photo95photo96photo97photo98photo99photo100photo101photo102photo103photo104photo105photoCAJLA0CSphoto63photo64photo65photo66photo67photo68photo69photo70photo71photo72photo73photo74photo75photo76photo77photo78photo79photo80photo81photo82photo83photo84photo85photo42photo43photo44photo45photo46photo47photo48photo49photo50photo51photo52photo53photo54photo55photo56photo57photo58photo59photo60photo61photo62photo5photo6photo7photo8photo9photo11photo11photo12photo13photo14photo15photo16photo17photo18photo19photo20photo21photo22photo23photo24photo25photo26photo27photo28photo29photo30photo31photo32photo33photo34photo35photo36photo37photo38photo39photo40photo41photo2photo3photo4Here are the new fan signs that I made. I checked Santa’s list and you have been naughty, so I went ahead and made the signs for you. :)
can you please vote for me at for Best Female Performer and Best Director.


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